Psychological Conditions

Students must provide recent documentation prepared by a licensed mental health professional who is qualified to both diagnose and treat the condition in question. Documentation should detail the current diagnosis of a disabling condition and the functional limitation that such condition will have on the student's academic activities.

A licensed mental health professional can access and complete our psychological disability form here: Verification of Psychological Disability
***This is a fillable form, but must be open in Adobe Acrobat or Reader to do so --- not fillable in your browser***

If our form is not utilized, the documentation should cover at minimum the following:

  • Current diagnosis that meets DSM-5 criteria or otherwise demonstrates functional impact, current limitations, and level of severity (does this condition reach a disabling level), as well as prognosis and anticipated duration
  • Clear evidence and documentation indicating relevant symptoms across multiple settings, which may include impact on academic, social, or vocational functioning
  • Recommendations that fall within the provider's area of expertise

Please do not hesitate to contact SDS if you have any questions regarding psychological disability documentation.