Instructional/Assessment Strategies

Faculty can feel free to visit these suggested sites for information, ideas and strategies for Universal Design in instruction and assessments.

Cornell University Center for Teaching Excellence

University of Washington DO-IT

Vanderbilt Center for Teaching

Faculty should include disability access statements in their course materials. For example, the following suggested syllabus statement could be included on all course syllabi:

UCSF is committed to providing equal access to students with documented disabilities. To ensure your access to this course and to the program, students with disabilities may contact Student Disability Services (SDS). There you can engage in a confidential conversation about the process for requesting reasonable accommodations in the classroom and clinical settings. Accommodations are not provided retroactively. Students are encouraged to register with SDS as soon as they begin the program. More information can be found online at or by contacting SDS at 415-502-6595, [email protected].