UCSF assists learners with disabilities to reach their full potential and succeed in our educational environment. UCSF protects the privacy of all learners. Early communications with SDS and your School of Nursing liaison are essential to implementing accommodations in a timely manner.

Accommodations (Quarterly Steps)

***Mary Foley is the contact for your time in MEPN, you will transition to Michael once you enter your MS/NP program***

  1. For MS, Post-MS, and PhD Students: Before each quarter in which you would like to use approved accommodations, contact Michael Sano, director of student affairs, to give her permission to contact the faculty and clinical instructors who should be notified of your approved accommodations. Please give the faculty and course name(s) as well as their email addresses in your email. Michael will confidentially email your request to the appropriate faculty in a timely manner. He will work in collaboration with you, faculty, and clinical instructors to discuss how the accommodation(s) can best be made in each of your courses.
  2. Students are expected to initiate contact to discuss their accommodation letter with each of their faculty and clinical instructors after Michael Sano has contacted them. It is highly recommended that you do so in advance of the start of the quarter; this is essential to ensure that your accommodations are effective and beneficial to you. 

    For MEPN students, every quarter you will be following steps 1 and 2, but your contact that SDS provides a copy of your accommodation letter to, and for whom you discuss accommodation implementation is Interim Director Mary Foley <[email protected]>.

Accommodations in the Clinical Setting 

***IF YOU HAVE CLINICAL PLACEMENT ACCOMMODATIONS: This needs to be communicated to Michael or Mary Foley 2 MONTHS in advance***

Accommodations in the clinical setting may differ from those for the didactic/classroom setting. SDS will work with Michael Sano or Interim Director Mary Foley, the Faculty of Record (FOR), and clinical instructors to determine if the requested accommodations are reasonable and do not alter essential outcomes of the program requirements or technical standards.

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact SDS and/or Mr. Sano immediately, and we will engage in the interactive process to resolve the concern.