UCSF is committed to assisting learners with disabilities reach their full potential and succeed in our educational environment. UCSF’s is commited to protecting the privacy of all learners. Early communications with SDS and your School of Pharmacy liaison are essential to implementing accommodations in a timely manner.

Accommodations (quarterly steps)

  1. Student Disability Services (SDS) will confidentially email your accommodation letter to Cindy Watchmaker, Associate Dean of Student Affairs, and to you directly. The SDS office can be reached at (415) 476-6595 or [email protected].
  2. Contact Associate Dean, Cindy Watchmaker, [email protected], 415-476-8025, to discuss implementation of accommodations. Associate Dean Watchmaker will meet with you to discuss the implementation of accommodations in the School of Pharmacy and the responsibilities of the School, the faculty and the student in this process.
  3. It is the student's responsibility to contact course directors each quarter to provide notification of your need for accommodations and a copy of the accommodation letter within the first two weeks of the quarter. In most cases, students can email their letter, and copy Associate Dean Watchmaker, to their instructors. This is essential to ensure that your accommodations are effective and beneficial for you. Contacting your course directors in a timely manner is essential as accommodations are not retroactive.
  4. Using accommodations each quarter is your prerogative. Once the notification is sent, a meeting will be scheduled with Associate Director Watchmaker to plan accommodations for the quarter. The Office of Student and Curricular Affairs will facilitate the arrangements, notification and logistics of accommodations with the course directors.

Accommodations in the Clinical Setting 

Accommodations in the clinical setting may differ from those in the didactic/classroom setting. SDS will work with Associate Dean Watchmaker and the Valerie Clinard, Director of Experiential Education to determine if the requested accommodations are reasonable and do not alter essential outcomes of the program requirements or technical standards.

NABP / PCOA ADA & student information

Students who are requesting accommodations on the NABP/PCOA exams should visit these links.  It is important to complete and submit the request for accommodations form in a timely manner.  Any questions regarding deadlines should be directed to Associate Dean Watchmaker and/or Marisa McFarlane, Experiential Education and Special Project Coordinator.

Request for Testing Accommodations NABP Examinations

PCOA Information for Students

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact SDS and/or Associate Dean Watchmaker immediately, and we will engage in the interactive process to resolve the concern.