UCSF is committed to assisting learners with disabilities reach their full potential and succeed in our educational environment. UCSF’s is commited to protecting the privacy of all learners. Early communications with SDS and your School of Pharmacy liaison are essential to implementing accommodations in a timely manner.

Accommodations (quarterly steps)

  1. Student Disability Services (SDS) will confidentially email your accommodation letter to Assoc Dean, Pam Schultz, and to you directly. The SDS office can be reached at (415) 476-6595 or [email protected].
  2. Contact Pam Schultz, [email protected], 415-476-8025, to discuss implementation of accommodations. Associate Dean Schultz will meet with you to discuss the implementation of accommodations in the School of Pharmacy and the responsibilities of the School, the faculty and the student in this process.
  3. It is the student's responsibility to contact course directors each quarter to provide notification of your need for accommodations and a copy of the accommodation letter within the first two weeks of the quarter. In most cases, students can email their letter, and copy Pam Schultz, to their instructors. This is essential to ensure that your accommodations are effective and beneficial for you. Contacting your course directors in a timely manner is essential as accommodations are not retroactive.
  4. Using accommodations each quarter is your prerogative. Once the notification is sent, a meeting will be scheduled with Pam Schulta to plan accommodations for the quarter. The Office of Student and Curricular Affairs will facilitate the arrangements, notification and logistics of accommodations with the course directors.

Accommodations in the Clinical Setting 

Accommodations in the clinical setting may differ from those in the didactic/classroom setting. SDS will work with Pam Schultz and the Valerie Clinard, Assoc Dean of Experiential Education to determine if the requested accommodations are reasonable and do not alter essential outcomes of the program requirements or technical standards.

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact SDS and/or Pam Schultz immediately, and we will engage in the interactive process to resolve the concern.

NABP / PCOA / CPJE ADA & student information

Students who are requesting accommodations on the NABP/PCOA exams should visit these links.  It is important to complete and submit the request for accommodations form in a timely manner.  Any questions regarding deadlines should be directed to Associate Dean Schultz.

Request for Testing Accommodations NABP Examinations Forms (external link)

Registration for CPJE

PCOA Information for Students (external link)

As you are likely aware, the testing schedule for the CPJE changed significantly in 2020 to include specific exam dates. We have established dates for you to submit your license applications with the exam dates in mind, so please pay careful attention to these deadlines; deadlines will be strictly enforced so that we can process applications in a timely way. 


Two documents are attached - time sensitive information is highlighted below:


1)    2021P Graduation/Licensure Exam Information Packet 


Provides detailed information about the licensure process and common questions. Please note the following immediate action steps: 

  • ID Check: The California Board has strict and specific requirements regarding the exact, letter for letter match between your name of record and the identifications you will use for the CPJE exam. We encourage you to check this out now in case you need to change one of your ID’s! This is outlined on the attached document as well as here
  • Name of Record: If you plan to apply for a pharmacist license in California, we recommend that you go online to check your name of record with the Board of Pharmacy – this is the name you submitted on your initial application as an intern/tech, etc. Visit the Board’s License page to confirm that your name of record matches identically letter for letter with the name you plan to submit on the pharmacist examination application. If your name does not match identically, submit a copy of the two forms of identifications you will present at the exam site when you sit for the CPJE (the name on the identifications must match letter for letter). The Board will update the name of record on file to match identically with the name on your identifications and pharmacist examination application. 


  • Assistance with Exam Fees: The fees associated with CA licensure are approximately $ 1,105.  Please see page 5 of the attached for information on financial aid to assist with the cost of the licensure application and exams. If you are graduating at the end of winter quarter, note that the deadline to submit the Student Budget Appeal form is Friday, February 19 at 11:59 PM. 


  • NABP E-profile: You will use this account to apply for the NAPLEX. You already have an account with NABP since you created one when you took the PCOA. We recommend you login to check your name of record for this account to be sure it matches your full legal name/name of record with the Board since this must match your pharmacist exam application AND the ID’s you will use for the NAPLEX. Visit: NABP E-profile log in 


  • NAPLEX - Two other notes about the NAPLEX: 
    • New competencies are in effect as of 1/1/21 and are available here; the upcoming review will address these! 
    • There is an additional transcript required for you to take the NAPLEX exam - a new requirement. We recommend that you request this when you apply for the NAPLEX exam and submit your licensure materials.  Instructions are in the attached!


  • Out-of-State Professional License: If you have a current or expired out-of-state professional license as an intern pharmacist, pharmacy technician, designated representative or other healthcare professional, you must submit verification of this license as part of your application. Since processing times can be lengthy, we advise you to begin this right away; the Board suggests 1 – 2 months prior to submitting your application. See Form 17A-16 in the pharmacist exam application or the attached for more information. 


  • Loan Exit Counseling: If you received loans while at UCSF, please refer to the email you received from Student Financial Aid about what you need to do to complete your loan exit counseling. You must complete this process if you received student loans while at UCSF before your final transcript can be released. If you are graduating in spring quarter or later, you will receive an email during your final quarter. 


2)    Class of 2021P Application for Pharmacist Licensure Checklist 


Submit with your licensure materials. If you are graduating in Winter quarter and seeking licensure in California – your materials are due to the OSACA via the mail no later than Thursday, April 1st for expedited processing. 



As previously announced, the Law & Clinical Review will take place March 29-31. Due to a change in presenter availability, the CA law information will be presented on Monday, April 5th from 9 - 2 PM. See page 12 of the attached packet for information and watch your email for details! 


The attached information is also available on the Class of 2021P Board Exam Prep/Licensure CLE Page. On this page, you will also find tips from recent graduates about licensure outside of California.