Accommodations (quarterly steps)

Student Disability Services (SDS) will confidentially email your accommodation letter to Julia Hwang, Director of Learner Success Center and to you directly. The SDS office can be reached at (415) 476-6595 or [email protected]. Julia Hwang may be reached at (415) 514-0770 or [email protected].  

Using accommodations each quarter is your prerogative. Each quarter, Ms. Hwang (or designee) will contact you to notify you of her intent to share accommodation information with faculty. This email will serve as consent for her to notify your course directors with your exam accommodation requirements. Your consent to share and utilize your accommodations will apply to the entire quarter.  If there is a class or course director you would not like this information shared with you must let her know.

It is your responsibility to inform Ms. Hwang and SDS of any changes in accommodations from prior quarters.

  1. While Ms. Hwang will  notify your course directors of your eligibility and requirements for accommodations, it will be the responsibility for students to communicate directly with their course directors regarding any accommodations beyond extended time on exams.  
  2. If during the quarter, students choose not to use their accommodations, a formal request must be sent to Ms. Hwang via email ([email protected]) in a timely manner so she can notify those working on the exam/quiz accommodations.
  3. Prior to each exam (or quiz), LSC Curriculum Services team notifies students of the location of their accommodation room.  
  4. Prior to each exam (or quiz), LSC Curriculum Services team notifies course directors of the accommodation room location(s), which students will be in the accommodation room, and the need for departments to secure proctors for upcoming exams.
  5. Failure to arrive on time, communicate responsibly, and notify of changes in a timely manner may result in a Professionalism Evaluation Report form being filed with the Dean’s Office. Please note that exam accommodations generally take up to one week prior to coordinate (proctors, rooms, exam adjustments, etc.).

Accommodations in the Clinical Setting ​

Because of the nature of the dental profession, accommodations in the clinical setting may be limited in availability from those in the didactic/classroom setting. It is recommended that students check back with SDS prior to starting their clinical experience to reassess accommodation needs. SDS will work with SOD, Pam, and your faculty to determine if the requested accommodations for the clinical setting are reasonable and do not alter essential outcomes of the program requirements or technical standard.