How To Request and Use Accommodations: School of Pharmacy

UCSF is committed to assisting learners with disabilities reach their full potential and succeed in our educational environment. At the core of these procedures are two themes for registering and requesting disability accommodations. One is UCSF’s commitment to protecting the privacy of all learners. The second is that early communication with the relevant course directors and administrators is critical to a successful partnership in arranging accommodations.

Once students have registered with Student Disability Services (SDS), they should follow these steps to access accommodations in the School of Pharmacy.

How To Register for Accommodations

  1. Obtain your accommodation letter describing your eligibility for services from the Director of Student Disability Services.
  2. Take the accommodation letter to Associate Dean, Student/Curricular Affairs, Cindy Watchmaker. She will explain the different responsibilities of students, faculty and School in the accommodation process per the School of Pharmacy’s Guidelines for Academic Accommodations.
  3. Discuss your accommodation needs with each instructor according to the timelines recommended in the Guidelines.
  4. For note taking and alternate format media accommodations, follow procedures outlined by SDS in advance of each quarter.
    Procedures for accessing Notetaking Services
    Procedures for accessing Alternate Format Media

How to Register for Accommodations in the Clinical Setting

  1. Students who anticipate the need for accommodations in clinical rotations should contact Lisa Meeks to initiate discussion of the accommodations that may be needed. From there, the student and SDS will engage in an interactive discussion to examine the APPE requirements and the accommodations needed.
  2. If approved, students will be provided with a revised accommodation letter. They should then coordinate with Sharon Youmans, Department of Clinical Pharmacy, Associate Dean Cindy Watchmaker, and the appropriate Program Director to make arrangements for the specific clinical accommodations.