Information for Prospective Students

UCSF has a proud history of welcoming students with all types of disabilities into the professional schools and the graduate division. We pride ourselves in giving individualized consideration of each student’s abilities, the functional impact of their disability, and program standards in order to devise creative and innovative accommodation solutions to ensure equal access to students with disabilities.

We understand that the quality of disability services provided at UCSF is an important factor as you make an informed choice about where to seek your graduate-level education in the health sciences. The following information is intended to assist you with your decision-making and planning process.

As UCSF is wholly a graduate and professional school institution, there are some unique aspects of the educational experience that may be different from the undergraduate experience, and are worth knowing as you consider what accommodations you might need to request, or think about what transition planning you may want to engage in to ready yourself for the new environment.

If you are a School of Medicine student please go to their Medical Student Disability Services website or contact Dr. Lisa Meeks for more information

If you are a UC Berkeley Extension Student please contact Leone Silk

To help answer some common questions students have, we have compiled Frequently Asked Questions about Student Disability Services at UCSF, including a specific category of questions for prospective students. We have also assembled Tips for students considering study at UCSF.

If you find that you require accommodations during the admissions process, for example, for interviews, for campus visits, for the application process, etc., do not hesitate to contact Student Disability Services, and we will work with you to make the necessary arrangements.

Many prospective students are interested in connecting with a current student or alumni to learn more. Upon request, we would be happy to try to connect you with a current student or alumnus who may provide insight into the experience of students with disabilities at UCSF.

Once you have been accepted to UCSF, and have decided to attend, we encourage you to register with SDS and make a request for accommodations early, in advance of the start of your program. Information about the registration process is found on the “How To Register” page.

We welcome the opportunity to speak to you in advance of your matriculation at UCSF. Please contact our office at 415/476-6595 or you can schedule an appointment by calling or emailing